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Musical Education :

  • 8th Grade in Piano, Trinity college of London.
  • Music Composing and Arranging, Mumbai University under Anil Mohile.
  • 1 Year practical training through assisting S.A.Rajkumar, reknowed music director in the South, on several Tamil and Telugu film projects.

Career Start :

Nitin Kumar Gupta kickstarted his career through the internet, launching and selling his music on the at the time number 1 online music site – As ‘Neole Egen’, he was in the Top 40 world artist chart, and listed among the top earning artists on the site. He also collaborated with international artists such as Allerian and Cassandra Fink during that period thus gaining immense experience in incorporating international flavour into indian music.

Arranging and Remixes:

Nitin Kumar Gupta worked for Magnasound as an arranger and remixer on several of their ‘B-side’ tracks for the top names in the indian pop industry. Ikansh also did several lesser known remixes for D.J. Suketu.


Nitin Kumar Gupta worked for B.P. Singh and Pradeep Uppoor for a couple of years composing the background scores for several episodes of the chart topping series C.I.D. and Aahat.


Nitin Kumar Gupta did his first complete album as composer and lyricist for a collaboration between Zee Saregama (Gajendra Singh) and Magnasound (Sashi Gopal) in 2004. The album featured the top singers from Zee Saregama’s Popular Choice series, and gave breaks to singers who went on to sing for India’s top music directors. These included Nehha Rajpal (later sung for Shankar Ehsaan Loy), Abhijit Ghoshal (playback singer in films such as London Dreams) and Rahul Saxena (sung the title song for Om Shanti Om).


Under ‘Shethia Audio Video’, Ikansh composed and wrote the songs and also did the background score and sound design, including mixing and dolby mixing for several animations, including Ghatotkacha and Prahlad, which were heavily showcased on Star network.


Nitin Kumar Gupta got his first chance to compose for films under producer Oscar Ravichandran, one of the biggest producers in the south. The movie ‘Devdas 2006’, however failed to take off after the preproduction stage. It did give Ikansh a huge insight into the creative and technical logistics behind creating chartbusting songs that appeal to the masses and classes alike. After this, Nitin Kumar Gupta composed, wrote and recorded songs for the films ‘Ruk Jaana’ and ‘Road to Sangam’ with top Indian playback singers.


Nitin Kumar Gupta received the award for Best Foreign Film Original Score at ‘Los Angeles Reel Film Festival’ for the songs of ‘Road to Sangam’ announced on 30 Dec 2009.